Reuther Thin Brick
Reuther Thin brick
Reuther Thin brick
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Reuther Thin brick
Reuther Thin brick
Reuther Thin brick
Reuther Thin brick
Reuther Thin brick
Reuther Thin brick
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Composite Brick & Stone Lath Systems

Easy to handle and easy to install!​

Speedymason is revolutionizing the thin brick industry with new panel systems for thin brick and stone applications. The Speedymason panel is easy to handle and easy to install reducing time, cost and improving safety. The three panel systems include:

Brick Lath
(in stock)

Peel n' stick

Stone Lath

Laticrete® Thin Masonry Adhesive

Seeing is believing!

Speedymason Brick Lath

Check out Speedymason's video:

You can count on Reuther for a wide range of thin brick veneer options.

Thin brick, available at Reuther, is the perfect choice to enhance the interior or exterior of your home. Thin brick is used to give the appearance of full-thickness brick, but is easier to install and can be applied to virtually any existing interior or exterior wall. Whether used on exterior siding, fireplace or a kitchen backsplash, thin brick can transform your project, both inside and out, with the durability only brick provides. Reuther’s Material has wide range of thin brick veneer colors and styles in stock to choose from. Be sure to speak with a Reuther specialist today to discuss your full brick veneer project.

Note: The manufacturer’s color swatches and styles shown are available at Reuther. A full range of their other styles and colors are also available for purchase.

In 2013, King Klinker built the most sophisticated thin brick plant in the world with Siemens controls and the latest German machinery. Polish engineers also added their own twist to the high level of sophistication by creating trade secret machines for making some of the best collections of thin brick in the world.

King Klinker offers a wide variety of colors, textures and styles. A few examples of each is shown here.

Ultra Premium Examples

Traditional Examples

Glazed Examples

Watch King Klinger's
manufacturing process

Watsontown logo

Watsontown Brick Company, is an innovator and industry leader producing quality thin bricks for residential and commercial use throughout the Northeast.

Watsontown In Stock Colors

Watch Watsontown's
manufacturing process

General Shale Logo

General Shale is one of North America’s largest thin brick manufacturers offering an endless array of thin brick colors and textures to complete any building project. 

General Shale In Stock Colors

Feldhaus Klinker

Feldhaus thin brick is available in countless varieties of textures and colors. Available at Reuther’s, they will ensure years of lasting beauty making it the ideal choice for any building application.

Feldus In Stock Colors

No One Delivers
Like Reuther

No One Delivers Like Reuther