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Nicolock Retaining Walls

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When is comes to color, nothing is as vibrant as Nicolock.

For over 50 years, Nicolock continues to be the industry leader in the manufacturing of hardscape products with the broadest collection of garden, landscape and retaining walls suitable for a multitude of applications. Nicolock rugged wall stones come in a variety of different styles and vibrant colors to suit any project requirements and designed to match or complement any of their pavers. Start your backyard project today! Contact us for a detailed estimate for your project. Remember, there is no better choice for retaining wall stone then Nicolock and Reuther.

Alta Pro Retaining Wall

The 8” Alta Pro is a high-performance single sided wall designed to be a versatile solution for any type of commercial or residential application. It is known for its ease of installation, strength and adaptability to virtually every retaining wall need. The Alta Pro features a rear lip connection, covering one square foot per block allows for greater efficiency in installation. An 8” corner unit is available as well.

nicolock alta pro
Nicolock 8" Alta Pro Wall

Alta Pro In Stock Colors

Keystone® Compac III Straight Split Retaining Wall

The Compac III’s shape allows for tight radius curves and vertical core alignments. This wall can do it all with vertical or battered setback construction options. With triangular shaped receiving holes, construction adjustments are simplified. Natural stone appearance and rich colors complement any setting.

Compac III Straight Split Retaining Wall: 8" x 18" x 12"

Keystone® Compac III Colors

Sierra Garden Wall

A beautiful 4” x 12” garden wall that has a soft-split face texture and a rear lip connection. This single-sided wall system has tapered sides and a 1” setback per course.

Nicolock 4" x 12" x 8" Sierra Garden Wall

Sierra Colors

*Premium Color

Colonial Landscape Wall Collection

The charming Colonial Wall System features a distinctive double-sided face, offered in both Standard and Antique Toscana finish. It is available in three face lengths and includes corner units (packaged on a combined pallet). You can build the 3” or 6” wall individually or combine them for added dimension. There is also a pre-packaged Colonial Pier kit to complement your wall.

Colonial wall stones available in: 3” | 5” | 6” Heights

nicolock 6 inch colonial wall
Nicolock 3" Colonial Wall
Nicolock 3 inch colonial wall
Nicolock 3" Colonial Wall
Nicolock 5" Colonial Wall

Colonial In Stock Colors

Stonegate® Landscape Wall

The 3-piece Stonegate® Contemporary Wall System features a unique, modern contemporary finish on three sides. It’s offered in three face lengths (packaged on the same pallet) and available in a cap.

Stonegate® Contemporary Wall | Color: Granite City Blend and Charcoal

Stonegate Wall Colors

*Premium Color

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