Full Brick

Look to Reuther for a wide range of full brick options.

Full brick is made of full-sized bricks and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, because of their weight, placement can be limited and proper structural support may be required. Reuther Material has full brick veneer in a wide range of colors and styles in stock to choose from. Be sure to speak with a Reuther specialist today to discuss your full brick veneer project.

Note: The manufacturer’s color swatches and styles shown are available in stocked at Reuther. A full range of their other styles and colors are also available for purchase.

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Nicolock Serafina fire pit

Stay warm with a Serafina Fire Pit!

49″ outside diameter x 16″ height. Includes steel ring and two grill grates

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No One Delivers Like Reuther