Fieldstone & Belgium Block

Fieldstone & Belgium Block

The perfect natural stone and Belgium blocks is at Reuther.

Fieldstone is a natural stone that can be stacked and is perfect to build a wall or garden borders. They are available in several color and size variations including thin, medium and thick profiles. Reuther Material also stocks a wide array of Belgium (or Belgian) blocks in various sizes and colors suitable for driveway borders and aprons.

Some of our more popular natural stones include:

Standard Belgium Block
Color: Gray
Size: 9-10” x 4-5” x 4-5”
Pallet: 150 pieces per pallet
Per Square Foot: 3.2 pieces per square foot

Jumbo Belgium Block
Colors: Gray, Pink & Black | Size: 10 1/2″ x 7 1/2″  |  Pallet: 105 pieces per pallet  |  Per Square Foot: 1.85 pieces per square foot


Reuthers Fieldstone 1
Reuthers Fieldstone 4
Reuthers Fieldstone 2
Reuthers Fieldstone 3

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