Why Nicolock Pavers?

Posted by Ryszard Sobotka on May 6, 2017 in Product Information

We’ve chosen Nicolock to be our premier┬áline of hardscapes products. Why did we do this?

Reason #1 – Colors

Nickolock pavers have by far the best color blending and saturation of any other pavers we’ve carried. Customers are continually drawn to these pavers in our displays time and again. When placed next to competitive pavers, the Nicolock brand truly stands out with regard to colors.

Reason #2 – Textures

The Pavershield technology used on the nicolock pavers shows as a smoother, longer wearing top surface. It really is evident when compared to other brands. This is obvious to our customers, and they’ve come to demand it when purchasing.

Reason #3 – Support

Nickolock stands by they products much better that some of the competition. We’ve come to realize this over the years and prefer to deal with a partner that is active in the sales process and helps to resolve issues when they arise. Whether its sample requests or installation questions, Nicolock has proven to us that they stand behind us and their products.